Initial Prototyping

Doing Good is Good Business / Week 12 / Prototyping


As mentioned in the previous post, we had chosen the problem of representation to be our topic for the final project. The next step was to select a location. We decided to start locally and think of devising a solution for local communities, and thereafter think about other cities across the world.

NYC has been putting extensive effort into collection of data and making it open to public use (NYC OpenData). Our plan was to add another layer on top of data collection. The layer would comprise of data analysis, comparison and organization. The desired result is to develop a platform that can cater to community organizations and facilitate them in using data to prepare a research report so as to assist them in reaching out and making their concerns heard.

The online platform is generalized to study the many problems posed by urbanization. Poor communities remain in such dire conditions because they’re afflicted not by one or two clearly definable problems, but a tangled web of delicate issues that compound in ways that makes themselves visible (sometimes) only in big data.

Initial Prototype:

The platform shall be a combination of two things: an IDEO how-to manual on design research and TurboTax.

The platform will have informative guidance on how to approach need/problem finding, and then the platform will have guided input forms that will visualize the data inputed in real time in a way that simplifies a very complex and convoluted process.



The platform needs to do the following things:
1. Guide users in the research and data collection process
2. Provide options around quantitative and qualitative research
3. Supplement their data with government and city standards/thresholds
4. Visualize data and recommend designated people to reach out to


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