Talking about Climate Change with a Religious Narrative

Taking my research forward, I started reading Pope Francis’ Encyclical on climate change and looking up the work of Prof. Mary Evelyn Tucker for the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.

Pope Francis’ Encyclical on Climate Change :

The Pope’s Encyclical is a comprehensive commentary on how a believer should feel about the environment and what are the concerns that she/he should have in their minds. It not only raises an urgent and earnest request to think about the environment, but also provides them to be instruments of action, control and environment-friendly practices.
How it helped me: While I was more or less aware of what the encyclical said, it offered me a language that is Christian, empathetic and preaching.



The video above eloquently explains how religion is a great opportunity to inform people about the environment and climate action. The words of Prof. Tucker resonate with the ideas using which I started working on the project. The forum gave me some hope around me not being the only one to be thinking in these terms.

“In probably the most profound way, the religious traditions for millennia have offered to humans a way of sustaining life in the midst of tremendous suffering, of despair, of a sense of tragedy, of facing death.”

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