Responses to Readings – Week 7

Doing Good is Good Business / Week 7 / Data Analysis Workshop


The article tries to take a resistant and unwilling stance on the concept of global basic income. I disagree with some of the points presented in the article and believe that such a model might be helpful in the long run. Simply seen, the money is being transferred from the rich to the people who need it. How they spend it is upon them, of course. Moreover, a foreign organization or a charity shouldn’t readily assume the immediate needs of a poverty stricken family in a remote village. I think their needs are best understood by them and their community. The article is titled The Future of Not Working, which sounds flawed. A basic income wouldn’t necessarily imply that people will stop working. There is a human tendency of wanting more, and to keep doing. Once a person is empowered with some money, he or she would be willing to explore the possibilities of what they could do with it besides satisfying their primal needs. And even if they don’t utilize it appropriately, they should have a means to get treatment for diseases or to help another community member. In terms of the greater good of the village, community or country, political economist Gar Alperovitz says

“Once people have the freedom to elect to work less, their capacity to engage in the work of rebuilding community and democracy can increase far beyond what is possible in today’s precariously overworked society.”

My understanding is that a basic income can empower the people to create jobs, to supply goods and to contribute to their surroundings. Of course, charities and other organizations still need to work with governments to look at issues at a larger scale. But I think that basic global income can be a divisive solution for addressing the immediate needs of families living under the reigns of poverty.


System diagrams are extremely helpful with planning anything. Systems thinking has thus far helped me with many projects regardless of their association with the arts or technology or both. The piece gives an instance of the same, which is useful.

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