Responses to Readings – Week 6

Doing Good is Good Business / Week 6 / Challenge Presentations


The reading tells us that Telefonica is working on a partnership with UNICEF. It also uses some trending terms such as big data, real-time data, social good et cetera. However, it’s unclear what they are doing exactly. The article does point out that they are working on creating a system that collects real time data using mobile services, so as to plan emergency response better in countries that are vulnerable to the consequences of global warming. But how? The article doesn’t go into details around the beta tests, and the operations of the service itself which left me with questions instead of answers.


It’s encouraging to read about prominent political leaders talking about blockchain and thinking about remediating problems of corruption around the world. Blockchain has a lot of potential to shift ways in which countries function, and to disrupt the way finance is handled across the world. The question is, how long can it take for it to take effect on a larger scale. True that blockchain is decentralized in many ways, but wouldn’t the infrastructure for establishing blockchain be centralized to certain countries? Also, the article mentions blockchain and banks in the same context. I’m not sure how that will work since I remember Prof Yermack talking elaborately about how blockchain can potentially disempower banks around the world.

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