Animation Assignment 1 : Stop-Motion

Animation / Week 1 / Stop-Motion

First week of animation dealt with the principles of animation and stop motion, examples and techniques of which were shared with us. For a long time, I had been considering attempting stop-motion animation using my illustrations. However, due to the one week timeline, I decided to make something that was simpler and quicker to achieve. I worked with Mithru and Scott on the animation piece.

Concept : We were circling our heads around many ideas. One thing that we agreed on was that we didn’t want to do a funny story, and do something with an idea/purpose instead. We settled on presenting the evolution of interaction through the decades. The idea was to star two people at a table, who begin interacting with conversations, gradually move to written letters, text messages and eventually VR.

Technique : We used pixelation for creating the piece. I worked on the camera, while Mithru and Scott starred in the video. Through the process, we were continuously exchanging ideas and how to execute the next steps. Both Mithru and Scott held their positions for long stretches of time, which was quite commendable. The output, as a result, turned out to be great.

Tools used : DragonFrame, Canon 5D.

Credits : Mithru Vigneshwara, Scott Reitherman, Utsav Chadha

This initial experiment with stop motion was very interesting, and has opened me up to exploring the technique further to make moving images using illustrations.

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