Business Card

Visual Language / Week 6 / Logo Design

When approaching the design for a personal business card, I kept a few things in mind:

  1. It should be simple. A complicated design generally loses the viewer’s interest.
  2. It should be representative of my work and visual tendencies.
  3. The logo should be scalable and minimal. Many global companies have seen a shift from complicated design to minimalist simple designs over the decades.

The design:

business-card-side1 business-card-side3

Personally, I tried to reflect my work with black and white in the business card. Therefore the color palette was monochrome. I’ve used an illustration and subtitles on the other side, so that my skills are clear and understandable. I’ve tried to keep the contact information and name visible. Hence, the use of black/grey over white.

The card is also designed in such a way, that it can be folder into a simple book. The contents of the book contain an illustration on the left page and my information on the right. This is similar to illustrated storybooks.

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