Color Analysis

Visual Language / Week 4 / Color

In order to find the color palette for my life, I took some pictures from the places I frequent and think about the things that I carry around. Incidentally, the places that I frequent on a daily basis such as the ITP floor, West 4 subway station and my apartment, all have a predominant brown tone to them.

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Taking some inspiration from the cleaning up and organizing art displayed in the last class, I organized the contents of my bag and pockets on a brown surface. I selected my bag as the subject since, over time, it has developed into an extended organ, one which aids me with many daily functions. The result was very interesting.


Interestingly, the clean-up act presented black and grey as the dominant colors with traces of yellow and purple added here and there. I followed this by pixelating the image so that the objects take the form of square blocks and speak directly about the colors from the image.


The final outcome strongly reminded me of Coldplay’s album art for their 2005 album, X & Y.


The results for my hue test were as follows:


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