Signage Research

Visual Language / Week 2 / Signage Research

Examples of bad signage:

Police Department flyers : While walking through a street in Lower Manhattan, I chanced upon a sign put up by the New York Police Department (supposedly?) which disallowed the public from parking on the street on Thursdays. The sign was basically a flyer and the placement was terrible. If it was a warning issued by the police indeed, they could’ve at least used a visible cardboard sign which is noticeable underneath the obvious parking instructions.

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Apple Bank for Savings : I feel that another bad example of signage is the logo for Apple Bank for Savings. As a bystander, on a first glance, the bank looks like a fruit vendor or perhaps, an electronics store. Even the name feels like a fruit vendor with some great offers! The blatant red apple is the first thing that the eye catches sight of, and it fails to guide the viewer to believe that the place has something to do with money.


The New School Library Door : The library entrance door for the New School is also a bad example of signage. Like most doors, it is supposed to be pushed from one side and pulled from the other. However, when a person is walking towards the entrance and is supposed to pull, he can also view the push signage through the transparent door. It leads to an initial confusion regarding what the user is supposed to do with it.



 An example of good signage:


NYC Taxi : I believe the NYC Taxi cars are a very good example of signage. The striking yellow and black combination makes it very distinguishable within a crowd of vehicles on the street. Moreover, the consistency of the color and the NYC Taxi logo gets embedded in the public’s subconscious wherein they don’t have to think before they stretch out their hand and call for a taxi. You can also visit this interesting link which talks about how black on yellow is the best visible contrast.

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